Random Thoughts of Nothingness

the process of my belly

Okay, This is my first time adding pictures. What a process. I do not have much time to tweak on projects nor do I have all the correct computer terminology  down. I usually can play around and figure things out though! You have to size  them to fit in here. In doing so I may have gotten them out of proportion!! See what you think. LMK  I am actually cheating a bit. The first picture is really with Chelsea in my belly. (I just love that picture and never took any decent ones with Sam in there!!)





 This is a bronzed casting of my belly. Next to the kids themselves and then their pictures~

This is my most prized posession!! I love it!!




new ride

Well I did it! After paying my dues for nearly 11 years in a tiny sedan (AKA the Dodge dent! & for reasons that well exceed my driving responsibilty! For some reason this poor car is a magnet when parked for other cars collision) with 4 kids and 4 dogs (not that all could ride with me @once) I managed to get an SUV that we all comfortably fit in! We got a 2005 Dodge Durango, 37 k miles, moonroof, 6 cd changer, built in dvd player, leather, awesome tow package and managed to get my favorite color to boot!! Dealer calls it deep molten red but in reality it look like “black cherry”. It drives so smooth and the kids are all in heaven. The Squirt AKA “the beast” or as my husband calls her ” the feral monkey” can no longer reach anyone from her carseat and pinch or kick them. Yeah!! We are all just so ecstatic you have no idea.

I’m back!

Okay, after my first commentator’s post I have decided to give this another whirl. Never did I think this blogging thing would be so hard. But really getting your feet off the ground with it is hard!I feel like I am writing to no one. Just throwing my mental thoughts into mid air. It may be easier if I get some groupies to follow along/after me. LOL But who and why? I have nothing too appealing or interesting to write about. Nothing tragic or over exciting. Will this be nothing more than a diary on line???

Well, maybe someone, somwhere wants to know more about me!?!?! I am a 35 year old mom to 4 living in the beautiful rocky mountains of CO. I love the outdoors,hiking the Grand Canyon is my most passionate obsession, I love knitting but most of all my family. My kids are 11,7,3 and 4 mo. the new baby is a piece of cake while my 3 year old is a piece of work!!! Phew. She (better known as “Squirt” in our house) is our special needs no that is not accurate. Well she was born with some concerns?!?!? How do I put it, she is small. So small, but my god she makes up for it in spirit.Medically diagnosed FTT.  She has really given us a run for our $. In more ways than one. It started immediately @birth. Meconium in water, sacral dimple, ultrasound, poor nurser. I kept telling the nurses she wouldn’t nurse well. They all tried to assure me some babies are sleepy after birth and she’ll get the hang of it. Well she did not. Things snowballed from here for her -Bladder infection, vomiting, aspirating, waking every 2 hours around the clock (sounds easy enough, but it was immposible to wake her)no weight gain, allergies to my diet which resulted in me doing the elimation diet and not eatting dairy and wheat, then came the spiral of doctor visits. We did it all OT, PT, ST, indiginous healers, cranial sacral, bio baseline. Angel flight to Denver for a  10 day stay at children’s EKG, MRI on the brain, swallow studies, kidney, bladder ultrasounds, test after test after test. NG feeding tube for 11 months, tested her for Down Syndrome Mosaicism. Nothing. My child is healthy just SMALL!! Thank God. We have cateered to this one with the upmost fear and concerns and as a result what do we get. Thankfully and fortunately, a healthy and happy CRAZY, SASSY little Miss Pill!! What a handful!! Wouldn’t have it any other way I suppose. She is who she is! I kept telling myself this is a phase and shall pass, I am still waiting for that to happen. The other kiddos well, they are awesome. (Not that my little “Squirt” isn’t) My oldest son is nothing short than one of the most kind hearted souls I have had the privelage of knowing. Honor roll student with a love for reading I do not know where it comes from. My 7 year old is so considerate of others and is determined to be an OB when she gets older. I would not doubt it as she has been on this kick for years and is very inquisitive about anything medical related. She even has a job secured for her with our ped.’s recommendation! The baby well, he is the apple of my eye. so sweet and stinkin happy. Makes my heart melt!


Hello world!


 I did have a saucy intro but deleted it. Sorry. Starting off has been harder than I envisioned!!

taking it for a test drive

Ok, I have no  idea how these blog things work, so bare with me! I am giving it a whirl!! I will be NAK most of my posts, one handed typing – so I apologize now for the many future grammatical errors and such!